Join us at Nor-Shipping and the Shortsea Business Hub where we will explore opportunities to move cargo from the road to the sea together with companies like Borregaard, Coca Cola, BAMA, Clean Flame, and Network Transport Mesures. Save the date! Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 at Nor shipping.

The Shortsea Business Hub is an initiative by Shortsea Promotion Centre in partnership with Nor-Shipping. The concept is to match cargo owners with a desire to explore Shortsea solutions as an alternative and reap the benefits of a sustainable and competitive logistic solution.

Register your interest to speed-date the cargo-owners to

The program consists of three sections: Knowledge sharing (Insight), Exploring opportunities, and #Action and Networking.

Knowledge sharing (insight)

In the insight section, you will hear BAMA, Clean Flame, and Network Transport Measure sharing their learning experiences and benefits from moving their logistics from the road to the sea.

Exploring Opportunities

In the exploring Opportunities section, you will hear from Borregaard and Coca-Cola sharing their experiences and thoughts on Shortsea as a sustainable and competitive form of transport. Then provide a transport opportunity that could move from road to the sea. An opportunity you as a participant can discuss further with the participants in the speed-dating session.

#ACTION & Networking

In the #Action and Networking section, you can sign up for a speed-date with Borregaard, Coca-Cola, Clean Flame, and Network Transport Measures. Show them how your company can solve their hunt for a competitive and sustainable transport solution.

Register your interest to speed-date the cargo-owners to

If you are interested in Speed-dating one of the cargo owners, book your meeting in advance to, make sure you indicate who you want to meet (you can meet more than one. Limited time slots available between 15:00 to 16:00.

Networking and drinks will start in parallel to speed dating. Make sure you use this opportunity to introduce yourself to presenters and guests. See less


Interested in participating as a speaker at future Business Hub arrangements? Contact me at